Weaver's Archery Challenge

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 1 
   6:00 pm - Qualifications rounds begin
Friday, March 2
    8:00 am-6:00 pm - Qualifications rounds continue

Be prompt for your chosen line time.

Elimination Rounds - Saturday, March 3
    8:00 am - Mens Bowhunter
    8:30 am - Womens Bowhunter
    9:00 am - Youth Bowhunter
    9:30 am - Youth Unlimited
    10:00 am - Womens Unlimted
    10:30 am - Mens Unlimited
    11:00 am - Cub

Final Shoot-Down
    11:45 am - Cub
    12:15 pm - Mens Bowhunter
    12:45 pm - Womens Bowhunter
    1:15 pm - Youth Bowhunter
    1:45 pm - Youth Unlimited
    2:15 pm - Womens Unlimited
    2:45 pm - Mens Unlimited
    3:15 pm - Awards Ceremony

March 2 & 3, 2018

Format & Rules
Official Target* – Square, Vegas 3-spot
*Cub Division Target – Square, single 40cm face or Square, Vegas 3-spot

Shot cycle – 3 arrows (10 times)
Shot distance – 20yds (10 yards for Cub Division)

Early registration by 2/17/18 - $35 cash entry per shooter
Late registration after 2/17/18 - $50 cash entry per shooter

Sign up with a friend(s) or shoot multiple classes and save $5 per entry. Sign-up must occur simultaneously.

Registration will be in person at Weaver’s Archery or by phone at (570) 837-1418.

Registrations canceled prior to 2/17/18 will be awarded a 50% refund.
Registrations canceled after 2/17/18 will forfiet registration monies.

Equipment classes
Mens Unlimited
Womens Unlimited
Mens Bowhunter
Womens Bowhunter
Youth (12-17yrs) Unlimited
Youth (12-17yrs) Bowhunter
Cub (11yrs and under)

Prize Payouts
Prizes will be awarded to at least the top 3 shooters in each division.
Prize payout amount will depend upon shooter registration.
Cash prize payout.

Additional prizes to be awarded by event sponsors

Weaver’s Archery LLC
Shooters using Weaver’s Archery custom bowstrings
- $100 Weaver’s Archery gift card to 1st place (any class)
- $50 Weaver’s Archery gift card to 2nd place (any class)
- $25 Weaver’s Archery gift card to 3rd place (any class)

DeadCenter Archery Products
- Cash prize of $50 to 1st place (each class)
- Cash prize of $20 to 2nd place (each class)

Mathews Archery
- Cash prize of $65 to 1st place (each class)
- Cash prize of $30 to 2nd place (each class)
- Cash prize of $15 to 3rd place (each class)

Hoyt Archery
- Klash bow to the 1st place Cub Division
- Cash prize of $90 to 1st place (each class except Cub)
- Cash prize of $40 to 2nd place (each class except Cub)
- Cash prize of $20 to 3rd place (each class except Cub)

Feradyne Companies (Carbon Express, SureLoc, TruFire)
- Cash prize of $150 to 1st place in Mens Unlimited and Mens Bowhunter
- Cash prize of $50 to 1st place in all other classes
- Cash prize of $50 to 2nd place in Mens Unlimited and Mens Bowhunter
- Cash prize of $25 to 2nd place in all other classes
- Cash prize of $25 to 3rd place

Elite Archery
- Cash prize of $50 to 1st place (each class)
- Cash prize of $25 to 2nd place (each class)

Lancaster Archery
- Cash prize of $50 to 1st place (each class)
- Cash prize of $25 to 2nd place (each class)

Stanislawski - Prize item
Ripcord - Prize item
GoldTip - Prize item
Kinsey's Archery - Prize item
TightSpot - Prize item
Scott - Prize item
Axcel - Prize item
T.R.U. Ball - Prize item
Stokerized - Prize item

Equipment Storage
Secure, limited access equipment storage will be available.

Families/friends of shooters or anyone interested in archery are invited and encouraged to watch. Please be considerate of shooters and eliminate excessive noise.

Equipment Class Definition
Unlimited – Any sight, stabilizer, arrow combination (maximum arrow diameter of 2712 series)
Bowhunter – Sight - may not have any magnification lens, may be a single or multi-pin (may not be adjusted once shooting match commences), Stabilizer(s) - no more than 12” in a 360º from point of attachment to the bow, Arrows - 23 series maximum diameter with screw-in point
Cub – (with sufficient participation of three (3) or more shooters) any equipment.

Qualification Round Format
- Plan to arrive 30-60 minutes prior to scheduled line time for shooter and equipment check-in, equipment storage, general warm-up, etc.
- Line times are scheduled every other hour on Friday.
- No late admittance; refunds will not be issued.
- 2 un-official practice ends will be allotted prior to the commencement of official shooting.
- There will be a 2 minute (2:00) time limit per end of 3 shots. Late-fired arrows count as 0 points.
- Arrows traveling beyond the Dead Arrow Line are classified as a shot and may not be re-shot.
- Targets will be changed at the scoring judges discretion during the qualification round.
- Qualification ends will begin at 8:00am on Friday, March 2, 2018 and must be completed by no later than 8:00pm on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Scoring judges are happy to award the maximum amount of points possible!
- X-ring = 11 points, next ring = 10 points and on down to 6. No points less than 6 points will be awarded. (Points will be awarded lower than 6 on the Cub Division.)
- Arrows must be in contact with the next higher scoring ring to count for the higher score. No target coloring may show.
- Arrows will be scored and pulled by scoring judges. Judges’ decisions are final.
- Competing archers may not cross the established target line until arrows are scored by the judges.
- Archers arguing with scoring judges may be disqualified.

Equipment Breakdown
In the event of an equipment breakdown, the affected archer must immediately notify target judges of an equipment incident. Archers may miss two (2) ends for equipment repair. The missed ends will be made up at the end of the match. Shooting not recommenced in the allotted time results in a forfeiture of the shoot score and the archer will be disqualified.

Elimination Format
- Elimination round(s) will begin at 8:00am on Saturday March 3, 2018.
- Archers eligible for the elimination round(s) may request to be notified by phone, text or email in the event that they leave the Weaver’s Archery LLC premises.
- Archers must be present for their scheduled elimination round(s). Late arrival will result in forfeiture of allotted shoot.
- Top 10 archers in each class move on to a bracketed-style elimination shoot-off (#1 shoots against #10, #2 against #9, #3 against #8, #4 against #7, #5 against #6).
- 3 ends of 3 arrows with a combined score will determine the winners to advance to the final shoot-off.
- There will be no provision for equipment repairs or physical failure in the elimination rounds.
- The 2 minute (2:00) per end shot time will apply.

Final Shoot-Off
- The winners of the elimination shoot-off (5 shooters) will shoot again, starting with shooter #5 vs #4, winner vs #3, winner vs #2, winner vs #1.
- 3 ends of 3 arrows with a combined score will declare the winner of each equipment class.
- In the event of a tie score, a single shot will be fired. In the event of a continued tie, a 2nd shot will be fired. If the 2nd shot results in a tie, a 3rd and final shot will be taken. The winner will be determined by the measurement closest to the X of the 3rd arrow.
- There will be no provision for equipment or physical failure.
- A 30 second (:30) per shot time limit will apply.

Additional Rules
The “Weaver’s Archery Challenge” will continue inspite of inclement weather, no refunds will be issued due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Personal attire shall be semi-casual to professional.

Listening devices (headphones, earbuds, iPods/MP3 players, earbuds etc.) are not permitted while on the shooting line.

Witnessed arrow bounce-out or other witnessed physical interference will result in another arrow being awarded to shoot.

There is a limited amount of bow racks, archers may want to have a bow rest of their choice for storage between ends.

We will be using the internationally recognized whistle blasts to maintain range safety.
2 whistles = get bow and move to shooting line
1 whistle = shoot
3 whistles = go get arrows – wait for judges to pull
5 whistles or more = some type of emergency, DO NOT SHOOT

Correct stance on the shooting line is having one (1) of the archer’s feet on either side of the shooting line.

When walking downrange all archers must stop at the established target line. Arrows will be scored and handed to the archer. No archers in front of the target line until all scores have been recorded.

No vulgar language, no smoking or vaping, no alcohol or illicit drugs of any kind.

Failing to meet these guidelines may result in your being disqualified from the event.

If you are not sure of a situation - ASK FOR CLARIFICATION - Don’t assume anything!

Sign up with a friend today and do your absolute best!

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