2018 Bowfishing Tournaments

Sign-up at Weaver’s Archery LLC by 4pm the Friday evening of the tournament in person or by phone.

Tournaments begin on Friday at 4 pm (May 11, June 8, July 13) and end on Saturday at 7am (May 12, June 9, July 14).

Weigh-in on Saturday at 8am (May 12, June 9, July14) at Weaver’s Archery.
Late arrival (after 8:30am) will disqualify a team for fish entry.

Tournament fees are $25 (cash) or $26 (credit/debit) per person. $5 of each entry fee will be retained for promotional expenses and fish disposal. The remaining entry fee monies will be distributed as cash prize money.

Catfish Division - $15 per team ($10 will be awarded to the team with the heaviest channel catfish at each shoot. ($5 of each entry will be retained for the single heaviest flathead catfish out of the 3 tournaments, to be awarded at the last shoot)

Quillback/Sucker Division - $15 per team (30 fish entry limit)

You must be present to win prize monies and/or drawn prizes.

Up to 4 persons per team.
Anyone assisting the team in any form shall be included as a team member.

All participants must possess and wear current PA fishing license and obey all
PA Fish Commission laws during tournament hours.

All PA Open/Public waters are eligible hunting areas. Up to 38 fish may be submitted (6 common and/or mirror carp, 1 channel catfish, 1 flathead catfish, 30 quillback/suckers).

Cash Prize Breakdown
Heaviest Carp ~ 40%
Most Carp Weight ~ 40% (Submit your 5 heaviest carp, including the heaviest single carp.)
Lightest Carp – 20%
Catfish ~ See Catfish Division details above
Most Quillback/Sucker Weight – 100% Quillback/Sucker Entry Fees

Sponsored by AMS Bowfishing, OMP FinFinder and Innerloc.

Weaver’s Archery reserves the right to open and/or refuse any suspicious fish.
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