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                 2017 Bowfishing Tournaments

Sign-up at Weaver’s Archery LLC by 4pm the Friday evening of the tournament in person or by phone. Tournaments begin on Friday at 4 pm (May 12, June 9, July 7) and end on Saturday at 7am (May 13, June 10, July 8). Weigh-in on Saturday at 8am (May 13, June 10, July 8) at Weaver’s Archery, LLC.

Late arrival (after 8:30am) will disqualify a team for fish entry.

Tournament fees are $25 (cash) or $26 (credit/debit) per person. $5 of each entry fee will be retained for promotional expenses and fish disposal. The remaining entry fee monies will be distributed as cash prize money.

Catfish Division - $15 per team ($10 will be awarded to the team with the heaviest channel catfish at each shoot. ($5 of each entry will be retained for the single heaviest flathead catfish out of the 3 tournaments, to be awarded at the last shoot)

Quillback/Sucker Division - $15 per team (30 fish entry limit)

You must be present to win prize monies and/or drawn prizes.

Up to 4 persons per team. Anyone assisting the team in any form shall be included as a team member.

All participants must possess and wear current PA fishing license and obey all PA Fish Commission laws during tournament hours.

All PA Open/Public waters are eligible hunting areas. Up to 38 fish may be submitted (6 common and/or mirror carp, 1 channel catfish, 1 flathead catfish, 30 quillback/suckers).

Cash Prize Breakdown Heaviest Carp ~ 40% Most Carp Weight ~ 40% (Submit your 5 heaviest carp, including the heaviest single carp.) Lightest Carp – 20% Catfish ~ See Catfish Division details above Most Quillback/Sucker Weight – 100% Quillback/Sucker Entry Fees

Sponsored by AMS Bowfishing, OMP FinFinder and Innerloc.

Weaver’s Archery reserves the right to open and/or refuse any suspicious fish.

Other Tournaments

Please contact Weaver's Archery LLC with info about your groups' bowfishing tournament for possible listing here. Send flyer to or 5934 Route 522, Middleburg, PA 17842.