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Weaver's Archery LLC, an archery pro shop, along Route 522 between Selinsgrove and Middleburg, provides 2800 sq. ft. of archery products. We stock many different bow lines including . . .

In addition to compound bows, crossbows and accessories we also stock

Service is very important to us. Some of the service features we offer . . .

  • 30 yard Shooting Range (Paper Targets)
  • Techno-Hunt Video Range - Reservations are highly recommended
  • Custom string and cable manufacturing on site 
  • Arrow Cutting & Refletching
  • Bow Tuning (Basic & Super-Tuning) Article
  • Archery Lessons, Pointers and Tips for groups or individuals (See the Archery Learning Center page for additional info.)
  • Gift Cards
  • Birthday Parties

Our Staff

Keith Weaver
When I was 6 years old, my dad bought me my first bow. It was a little recurve and I loved shooting it. Throughout my growing up years I dreamed of operated a archery shop.

I began my career in archery by working in and developing the archery department at Weaver's Store Inc. while I was a highschool student.

In October of 2007, I moved with my wife, Judy and our 3 young children to Middleburg, PA in order to start Weaver's Archery. We have been privileged to work together and build Weaver's Archery over the years since then.

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Judy Weaver
My introduction to archery was shooting recurves while attending a summer camp as a young girl. It wasn't until some years later when I married Keith that I began to shoot compound bows with him in our backyard.

My responsibilities at Weaver's Archery primarily involve office, promotional and accounting work but I also enjoy interacting with fellow archers and introducing others to the fun of shooting a bow.

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Jason Yoder
I've been archery hunting since my teen years. I also enjoy shooting 3D courses with my brothers and friends. I like the outdoors and enjoy fishing as well. My wife, Elaine, and I live in the Middleburg area.

In November of 2013, I came on staff at Weaver's Archery as a archery tech and salesman. I enjoy setting up bows and helping folks make the necessary adjustments to get their equipment shooting in peak performance.

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Sheri Hahn
I grew up in a hunting family but didn't get the privilege to start bow hunting until 2014. When I bought my first bow, I was looking for a stress relieving sport from my demanding nursing job. I thoroughly enjoyed my new hobby.

I started working at Weaver's Archery in 2015 as an archery instructor. When a sales position opened up, I also trained to be an archery tech.

I like interacting with people and helping them find quality products. It is fun to see families get outside and have fun together with the sport of archery.

My husband, Dustin, and I make our home in New Berlin. The newest addition to our "family" is Jasmine - our Newfie pup.